Monthly Archives: June 2019

Creative Reactions

Creative Reactions is a Bristol University project exploring the relationships between science and art. 50 artists and 50 scientists were selected to collaborated on works from sculptures and wood carvings to canvas, digital and performance art.  The resulting work was show at two exhibition, the first at North Gallery (May 2-19), and then at The Island (May 20 – June 1).

I had the great fortune to be paired with Ailsa Naismith, from the School of Earth Sciences, who is focusing her research on Volcan de Fuego, an active stratovolcano in southern Guatemala.

I loved working with Ailsa.  She was enthusiastic and engaging when talking about her subject, clear and patient in her explanations.  Through our conversations, I have created an image of a possible cross section though Fuego volcano.  This has had several iterations with Ailsa noting what is right, and suggesting changes to improve my understanding.

What has surprised me is how different the final image looks from the standard, tidily layered, diagrams you find in books.

Diagrammatic cross section showing how layers of Pyroclastic Flow, Ash, and Lava might build up and interact to create Fuego Volcano in Gutamala.

Talking with Ailsa has sparked numerous.  I have really enjoyed the whole process of collaboration, talking through ideas, thinking hard to grasp new concepts.  I find it interesting that the end result is so different to the image I imagine I would have produced without Ailsa’s contribution.