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Emily_printing2I am a printmaker and maker living and working in Bristol.

My work is about colour, layering and precision.  It is often inspired by maps or geology.

Screenprinting, with its precise layering of colours, appeals to my sense of order and has kept me experimenting and learning since 2006.

Currently my prints fall into one of two ways of working –  those that are carefully planned and meticulously registered, and those which are more spontaneous and improvised.   The immediate verses the rational and controlled.

Recent experiments into creating concrete ‘rocks’ are a response to the idea of the Anthropocene – a proposed new geological epoch marked by the impact that humans have had on the planet.

I recently passed my Masters degree in Design with Distinction at UWE in Bristol, and previously gained a distinction for my Masters degree in Multidisciplinary Print, also from UWE.


If you would like to contact me about any aspect of my work, please email emily.ketteringham@gmail.com

If you would like to see my other body of work, inspired by the architecture and views of Bristol, please visit www.em-k.com.