Otter Painting

I’ve been having fun painting a 3 foot tall otter for Moor Otters.

My design is based on the geological map of the area around Dartmoor, really just an excuse to spend hours mixing lovely colours.  His head may look like he’s got sunburn, but really he’s painted the colour for granite.

Around 100 otters will be roaming around Dartmoor and the surrounding area later in the year.

A new way of printing for a new body of prints.

Rather than dictating exactly which colours will appear on a print, I am letting the colours decide for themselves.  For my circle prints I am mixing inks to match colours from the key of a geological map, and then seeing what colours are created when the inks are overprinted.  A little bit scary, but very rewarding…


Article in The Bristol Magazine

An article about my work in the online version of The Bristol Magazine:

bristol mag header
A Platform for Local Art
E.Ketteringham_in_printroomThere is never a dull moment at Bristol Temple Meads. A vibrant hub of activity for commuters heading to and from the city to begin their working day, excited adventurers heaving their backpacks on their shoulders and bidding farewell to Bristol, and don’t even get me started on the colourful array of artwork lining the platforms.
Local artist Emily Ketteringham is a screen printing artist and printmaker with a passion for Bristol’s quirks and colourful contours.

See full article A Platform for Local Art

‘Most Original Piece’

I am really surprised and pleased that Jo Love, the Acting MA Printmaking Pathway Leader at Camberwell College of Art, UAL, has chosen my print ‘Minor fold with gentle plunge’ for the prize of ‘Most Original Piece’ at the Space to Place exhibition.  A real confidence boost!