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The Hepworth Print Fair

I am very excited to be taking part in the Hepworth Print Fair in Wakefield (1-3 March).  I visited the fair last year and was extremely impressed by the range and talent of printmaking on show.  I am honoured to be 1/60th of this year’s celebration of print.  If you are in the area, come and say ‘hello’, or make a trip to Wakefield especially for the fair – I am sure it will be worth the drive.

Exploring Memories of Landscape in Print

I’ve been working on a new way of creating images in response to landscape. These smaller circle prints are created in a similar way to my big geological circles in that I use a single circle stencil and mask off areas to create the different shapes. I have placed each section of colour in a different position on each print, so although each one in the series is created from the same shapes and colours, each one is unique rather than being part of an edition.

The forms and colours in these prints come from a memory of a walk along the coast near Minehead. I find it very difficult to hold an image of place in my mind, but colours seem to stay put.

Evolution of an Idea

I’ve been emptying photos off my phone and found these. I thought it was interesting to see how an idea developed from seeing these wonderful concrete chunks on a building site in Rome, through to finished pendants. These were a collaboration with the lovely Sarah from Flux and are currently on sale in the gallery on Upper Maudlin Street.


I’m alternating between excitement and terror about the fact that in two weeks I will be putting up a joint exhibition with Ruth Broadway at Centrespace.

I’m out of my comfort zone – it will be the first time that I have shown a large number of my   geological screenprints all together and I am hoping to get my work to a whole new audience.

The private view is from 6.30 to 9pm on Thursday 27th April at Centrespace Gallery.  Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier – especially if you have a thing for maps, rocks, museums, colour, or just a glass of wine and a chat.

NADFAS Bursary

I am really proud and honoured to have been awarded the 2017 National Association of          Decorative and Fine Arts Societies’  UWE bursary in conjunction with UWE’s Department of Art & Design.

NADFAS have awarded me the bursary to develop my concrete pebbles.  The aim is to add fibre optics so they light up when you hold them.  I’ll be documenting the project on this blog, so lots of photos to come…

Otter Painting

I’ve been having fun painting a 3 foot tall otter for Moor Otters.

My design is based on the geological map of the area around Dartmoor, really just an excuse to spend hours mixing lovely colours.  His head may look like he’s got sunburn, but really he’s painted the colour for granite.

Around 100 otters will be roaming around Dartmoor and the surrounding area later in the year.

A new way of printing for a new body of prints.

Rather than dictating exactly which colours will appear on a print, I am letting the colours decide for themselves.  For my circle prints I am mixing inks to match colours from the key of a geological map, and then seeing what colours are created when the inks are overprinted.  A little bit scary, but very rewarding…