Geological Cross Sections, Screenprints & Drawings

I have always loved maps.  A number of years ago I had a random conversation that led to my driving to rescue a map collection before it went to the tip.  I thought I might be lucky get 5 or 6 maps, but I ended up with my Fiat 500 groaning at the seams.  Most were out of date OS maps of varying scales, but mixed in amongst these were some 1960’s geological maps.  The soft colours of these maps are so beautiful, the marks upon so enticing, that they set me off on a whole new print making journey.

All prints are limited edition, screen prints, hand pulled, signed and numbered.  They are printed on 300gsm, Somerset Satin soft white paper with water based ink.  All work is for sale. Please email me if you would like to buy a print.

Larger Prints

Screenprint showing diagramatic cross section of Mount Fuego, layers of lava flows and ash
Converstations About Fuego’
layer screenprint 55 x 55cm edition of 8 £120
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Minor fold with gentle plunge’
layer screenprint with pencil details 37 x 56cm edition of 10 Grey section is mono printed so each print is unique. £130

Smaller Prints

Hackness, Whitby’
5 colour screenprint with pencil. 20 x 27cm edition of 14 £50