Geological Series – Bristol

Each print in this series is based on a geological map, in this case the 1963 BGS geological map of Bristol.

The white shape running across the middle of the circle shows the path of the River Avon.  Each other colour represents a different rock type.  This particular print is a good example of how I mix my inks to match the colours used on the geological maps, but, because I use very translucent inks, the colours change if they overlap.  So the green shape on the left was actually printed in a blue to represent an area of Clifton Down Limestone, but because it has over printed an area of pale yellow (Alluvium), it has ended up green. I enjoy exploring the space between control and chance – mixing very precise colours, but then embracing the new colours that are created when they overlap on the paper.

Each print is 55 x 55cm and costs £150 plus p&p. Click here to buy.

Blog post about planning my geological circles.

Geological Map of Bristol