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Framed circular abstract landscape by Emily Ketteringham. Three ceramic pieces and a plant
Circular screenprint by Emily Ketteringham bold lines going towards a central point. Abstract landscape.

This series of prints is about the importance of colour within memory. I wanted to celebrate the colours of places I had been, and at the same time try to consolidate my very tenuous memories – by really studying the photos I had taken, could I strengthen my visual memories of place?

This circle is from a photo taken just before sunset from the top of a small hill at Cheela Plains Station, on the way to Karijini National Park in Western Australia.

The colour of each printed segment matches the dominant colour of that section on the circumference of a circle overlaid onto the photo. As it is unclear where some colours end and other begin, I allow some colours to overlap. As I use very translucent inks, this results in new colours being created. I chose the focal point in this print to be where a patch of yellow orange flowers are in the photo. There are 27 different colour inks in this print, and I used some of them more than once, so I actually lost count of the number of layers.

Now when I look at this print, even though I still can’t visually picture the place (I have a very poor visual memory), I can remember the walk up the hill to where I took the photo, that there was a giant lizard under the toilet block, and that when our campervan made a funny noise in the morning two very rugged Australian men leapt underneath it in the morning to fix it – all things that I had previously forgotten.

Although this print is inspired by a specific place that I have been to, my hope is that the colours and abstract shapes will evoke memories of different places for each viewer.

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This print is 55 x 55cm and costs £280.

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