51°51’42.2”N 3°03’21.5”W

Walking up Sugarloaf Mountain in Monmouthshire was one of the very few opportunities I had to get out and about in 2020.  Part of the Breacon Beacons, tucked in behind Abergavenny, it is a fabulous place. 

Following a dotted line on an OS map, through woods and across fields before the mountain came into sight, the walk was a joy after so many months stuck in Bristol.

This circle celebrates the vivid and varied colours of the Welsh landscape seen from halfway up the mountain (taking a break to admire the view, not to catch my breath, obviously).  I love the startling bright frog green of the field on the right, and the soft pink of the one below it.  The contrast of the orange yellow bracken.  I mixed 28 inks to make this print, including many different greens  – from ones that are almost blue, to my favourite shade of sage.  But because the inks are translucent, and many overlap, many more colours have been created.

This print is an edition of 12.  If you would like to buy one please click here.

Two minute film of me talking about this print.

Blog post about the title of this print.