Colour Walks

In May 2020 I was due to spend a month in Tarset, Northumberland completing a residency with VARC (Visual Arts in Rural Communities).  Unfortunately this was postponed due to Covid19.  I had been planning on doing a great deal of walking during the month, collecting colour as I went, so I changed location and collected colour in Bristol instead.My short colour walks had one simple rule – whilst walking round my neighbourhood I focussed on one colour each walk.  Some were easy; blue for example could be found everywhere.  Yellow turned out to be surprisingly lacking in variety, and white was very hard to hunt down (unless I wanted to take endless photos of white cars).  With the photos taken, I collated them into colour collections, and then reduced each individual image into first four, and then one pixel, to create an overall palette of the walk.

I made four much longer excursions, going, as much as I could, directly South, East, North and West from my home.  For these walks I had more complicated rules for photo taking.  On my walk South, I took a photo every five minutes, looking directly to the West.  Walking East, each minute I took a photo of the ground, going North, every three minutes I found a piece of text, and finally my walk West focussed on joins and mends of all sorts. Currently these Colour walks exist only digitally.  If I do print them, they will be small and compact, hemmed in as we were during lock down, as opposed to the oversized images I envisaged creating in Northumberland. This is an idea I intend to explore further, especially when my residency is hopefully rescheduled in 2021. As part of a project with Knowle West Media Centre I am working on a Meandering Device to take the decision making out of walking.