Colour of Place

17°29'34.4''S 128°25'54.8''E

17°29’34.4”S 128°25’54.8”E

27 colour print, 55 x 55cm, edition of 9 £250

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22°57'58.0''S 116°58'53.7''E

22°57’58.0”S 116°58’53.7”E

20 colour print, 55 x 55cm, edition of 10 £250

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16°13'01.5''S 128°21'54.1''E

16°13’01.5”S 128°21’54.1”E

20 colour print printed in 27 layers, 55 x 55cm, edition of 10 £250

This series of prints is about the importance of colour within memory. It is about being in the moment, drinking in the colour of a landscape, letting the colour be all there is. Although each print is inspired by a specific place that I have been to, my hope is that the colours and abstract shape will evoke memories of different places for each viewer. There is a link under each print to take you to more information about it.

All prints are limited edition, screen prints, hand pulled, signed and numbered.They are printed on 300gsm, Somerset Satin soft white paper with water based ink.

All work is for sale. Please email me directly if you would like to buy a print.