Centrespace Open Studio

Thank you to everyone who visited me in studio 27 during our open studio event this weekend. It was lovely to see so many of you, both those I knew, and those I didn’t. I had many a fantastic conversation (my favourite being about spittoons on underground trains, I kid you not) and received fabulous and encouraging feedback about my work. The challenge now is to try and keep my studio tidy for more than a day – it is such a treat to be able to see the floor, and not to be in danger of tripping over at every step.

Process & Progress Exhibition

My fellow part time MA Design students and I recently put on a show of work in progress  at UWE.  I found it really interesting to show preparatory work, the work that has actually taken me longest and caused most heart ache, alongside finished pieces – the hideously ugly mould which took me months to make, alongside the carefully polished concrete piece that finally came out of it, eight of the many colour experiments with the finished pebble screenprint which they eventually led to. A really helpful and instructive experience.

Shifting Divides

Along with Jilly Morris and Ruth Piper, I am currently organising an exhibition of drawing and print at Centrespace Gallery.  I will be exhibiting three of my ‘Geological Series’ screen prints, one of which has made its way onto the poster…

Shifting divides_Poster

Printmaking Open at 44AD artspace in Bath

My geological circle prints of Bristol (above) and Bath (below) in the Printmaking open submission show at 44AD

Printmaking Open: Edition 2, at 44AD artspace in Bath, May 2016
Printmaking Open: Edition 2, at 44AD artspace in Bath, May 2016

Space To Place MA Print Exhibition

From 29 September – 5 October 2015 Space to Place at the Embassy Tea Gallery, SE1 0PB: Group exhibition exploring the concept of place.

We’ve taken our MA Print show to London, and very good it looks too.



Nearly degree show time


I’m really looking forward to the opening of the UWE degree shows on Friday.  MA Printmaking is going to be fabulous (I know this as I have already seen the show and there are some incredibly talented people on the course!)

MA Multidisciplinary Print


After three years of work, and many changes of direction, my MA show is ready. 
Thank goodness for strong magnets and entomology pins.