Latitude and Longitude

I realise that the titles of my recent prints are a bit of a mouthful, but I am quite excited about ‘51°51’42.2”N 3°03’21.5”W’.  It is the first one of my ‘colour of place’ series to be based on somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.  The previous seven have all been inspired by places in Australia and so had ‘S’ and ‘E’ (South and East) in their titles.  This one is inspired by the view from Sugarloaf Mountain in Monmouthshire, Wales, so is North and West.

The titles give the latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes and seconds (this is where Google Maps comes in very handy to pinpoint exact locations).    Latitude tells you how far North or South a place is, from 90° North at the North Pole, through 0° at the Equator, to 90° South at the South Pole.

Longitude lines run from Pole to Pole and tell you how far East or West you are of the Prime / Greenwich Meridian in London.  Anything east of the Greenwich Meridian is in the Eastern Hemisphere and is labelled °E.   Anything west of the Greenwich Meridian is labelled °W.

I always feel it is more like drawing than writing when I name my prints.  I like the idea that the titles I give my work can mean everything or nothing – you can use them to pinpoint the exact position where the photo that inspired the print was taken, or just accept them as additional information like that found on the key to a map.